What Are The Benefits Of Rekeying door locks?

A lock rekey can secure your home and keep your family safe in the event that:

A former tenant or homeowner has your key

When you move into a new house, lose your keys in an unknown place, or are saying goodbye to a former roommate, rekeying your door's locks is an essential security measure. Your Tyler, Texas home is a sanctuary and no one should have to wonder if a stranger or unwelcome guest could walk in at any given time.

A contractor or business has your key

There are situations where you may need to open your Tyler, Texas home to outside individuals. For instance, home remodels, baby sitters, cleaning services, or other professional services may all require the use of an extra key. If and when that time has passed, rekeying your home is a safe, affordable and responsible option.

An ex-spouse or family member has your key

If you are involved in a domestic dispute or are receiving unwanted attention from a former roomate, a locksmith who can rekey your locks is needed. It can greatly increase your personal security. 

Save yourself from unnecessary trouble by having a licensed locksmith rekey your Tyler, Texas house.

Call A Tyler, TX Locksmith Who Knows The Texas Rental Property Code

If you own a rental property that you lease out, code compliance can be easy to overlook. Fortunately, we know Texas Rental Property Code inside and out. When you hire us to rekey your rental property, we can check for compliance at your request, and bring it up to code at your direction.

Rekeying your locks is affordable. Our standard rate for rekey service is $129, with special offers and discounts for property managers and realtors.

If you’re in Tyler, Whitehouse, Bullard, Lindale, or the surrounding area, be sure to let the key experts at Weatherly be the ones to rekey your property.

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